Our Passion

We believe that each home is a unique place that reflect its owners that is why we provide mesmerizing Handmade Moroccan Lighting that creates a delightful soothing atmosphere adding value to your interior & Décor making them more vivid.

All our products are Eco-Friendly,100% handmade & of premium quality Materials, details are designed & crafted with passion and skill that is inherited through hundreds of generations.

We are in a mission of giving your house, restaurant or any other favorable area a distinguished signature of yours making your guests and beloved ones truly spending a quality time!

Mesmerizing Light Patterns

Boho Style

Boho Style

Inspired from the Boho Style Decor we present our most demanded Moroccan Lanterns "Boho... 

New Arrivals | Moroccan Lamps | Moroccan Lanterns

New Arrivals | Moroccan Lamps | Moroccan Lanterns

Check out our new collection list from premium brass handmade Moroccan Lamps... 

The Art of Boho Style Lighting at your door steps

  • Premium Quality

    We at Moroccolights are offering all our esteemed customers and all the Moroccan Art Lovers all over the world Premium quality handmade products that will add a touch of elegance to your home

    all our products are made of premium brass with detailed delicate finish that will give your house an authentic touch of elegance

  • Handmade

    Handmade products has always been popular for its Authenticity and uniqueness as the trend of demanding Non-Machinery products is in rise, we at “Moroccolights” are proud to be one of the elite providers of Authentic Handmade Moroccan Lanterns & Lamps, with our group of talented artists who inherited their skills through hundreds of generations we promise our clients premium quality & mesmerizing designs inspired from the Moroccan Culture satisfying  Boho Style lovers  acquiring their own style and making each room more vivid with their own signature.

  • Echo-Friendly

    Our vision is to promote Eco-Friendly Handmade lighting fixtures industry worldwide enabling other artists to provide creative designs inspired from different cultures. Moroccan Lamps & Lanterns has always been demanded because of its soothing mystic effect and stunning shades it reflects, we at Moroccolights are proud to be one of the best providers in the market with a team of artists and talented craftsmen who inherited their skills through hundreds of generations .

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